Looking for a Fat Bike Rental?

Alpine Bike Works rents fat bikes in Central Vermont

Fat Bike Vermont 1We, at Alpine Bike Works, are a group of devout bicycle enthusiasts who just want to share our passion with all who are willing to try it out. We love all things bicycle, our tight-knit community, and above all, this wonderful land that is Vermont! Hop on a Fat Bike and experience all of the beauty that Vermont has to offer! Cruise on mellow groomed cross-country ski trails, or challenge yourself on some tight, twisty singletrack – the choice is yours. Top of your awesome new experience by kicking back and enjoying a beer at one of our great local breweries, or grabbing a bite at one of the many eateries located on the Killington access road. Whichever you choose, it’s sure to be a blast!

Our current fleet is comprised of Felt and KHS 4 season Fat Bikes. These are the latest designs, and feature:- Slack head angles (easy to ride; great handling in all conditions)

– Hydroformed tubes (enhanced stand-over clearance)

– Flat pedals (accommodates all types of footwear

– 10-speed dual chainring gearing (offering a wide array of gears to accommodate all terrain)

– Disc brakes (enhanced stopping power)

The bikes are also equipped with the latest in snow tire technology for confidence-inspiring grip, and with a set of Bar Mitts for chilly days.

Fat Bike Vermont 2

State of the art fat bike equipment

At Alpine Bike Works, we ensure that our rentals are always the latest that the industry has to offer. The geometry of our Fat Bikes resembles that of most modern mountain bikes allowing for swift and easy handling, and a platform that excels at both climbing and descending. Each bike is outfitted with the latest tire technology, specifically designed for snow. The width of these tires makes for a stable and comfortable ride, and even retain traction through snowy turns! Our master mechanic ensures that each bike is subject to a strict and meticulous maintenance schedule and that they feature only quality components. Additionally, each of our rental bikes comes equipped with a winter helmet and a set of Bar Mitts (to keep those hands warm!) at no additional cost.


History of Fat Bikes from Alpine Bike Works

Fat Bikes are the result of the quest for greater flotation over snow and sand. Those who raced the Iditarod race, at that time a 300-mile race across Alaska, needed a way to effectively traverse the deep snow, where they would otherwise have to walk the bikes on foot. During the mid-1980’s, early Fat Bike enthusiasts modified standard mountain bikes by cutting and welding frames, in order to accommodate larger tires. They even went so far as to install up to three rims together on a single hub! By the latter half of the 90’s, Fat Bike proponents in New Mexico began manufacturing 82mm rims and equipping them with downhill mountain bike tires – allowing them to better traverse sand dunes.

Fat Biking Goes Mainstream

In 2005, Surly introduced the Pugsley, it was the first mainstream Fat Bike. It was equipped with 65mm rims and a 3.7” tire. Not much changed from 2005 until recently, with only a handful of companies getting into the game. The Pugsley and other Fat Bikes built during this era were designed for Trekking purposes, in which they would be capable of handling large loads while retaining their comfort and reliability. Recently, there has been a focus on year-round Fat Biking, and the bike designs are evolving. The current modern bikes have slacker head angles, lower standover clearances, are lighter and more rider friendly than ever before, and everybody is getting into the game.

What was once a niche market has become mainstream, with all of the large bicycle manufacturers now offering Fat Bikes. The current models have wider hubs and bottom brackets to accommodate wider tires for better flotation in snow and offer more stability. The sport is attracting riders from all ends of the spectrum, younger, older and everyone in between. It is infecting all demographics and has become one of the largest growth areas of cycling. I have heard statements from people who have ridden our rental bikes such as “ I really don’t feel comfortable riding a regular bike, but I love Fat Biking!”

We encourage you to try Fat Biking, just click on the Rentals Page, and we will get you all set up!

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