Alpine Bike Works offers expert bike repair and service

If your bike needs a little love, Alpine Bike Works is the best place to bring it for bike repair and service. Our experienced and talented bike mechanics can take care of all your bike repair needs from a simple cable adjustment to a complex suspension repair. Simple repairs like replacing a tube or installing an accessory can generally be done while you wait. Please call ahead to check. For most other repairs you will need to leave your bike with us for a few days. When you bring your bike in we will give you a repair assessment, price estimate and estimated turn around time for the bike repair. If, once we dig into the work, extra parts and/or labor is needed to compete the bike repair, prices may be adjusted - you will be notified before the work is done. We make every effort to keep turn around time on bike repair to 3 days or less, but sometimes during peak season (April 1 - October 1) bike repair could take longer. 

We want your bike riding experience to be the best and we stand behind our work!

Free Safety Checks and Estimates on all bikes.

Bike Shop Services

Bike Service

Labor Rate

Bike Build

Major Tune Up

Standard Tune Up

Quick Check

Suspension Repair/Rebuild

Dropper Seat Post Service

Dropper Seat Post Install

Wheel Build

Wheel True

Disc Brake Bleed

Brake Adjustment

Derailleur Adjustment

Chain Install

Tube/Tire Install

Bike Boxing (plus shipping)



Hourly Rate

$90 & Up - Plus Parts & Oil

$75 Plus Parts

$20 Plus Parts

Hourly Rate



$80 & Up Per Wheel Plus Parts

$20 Per Wheel & Up





$14 Per Wheel

Hourly Rate

Tune Up Descriptions

Not sure what you need? Bring your bike in for a safety check or an estimate and we will let you know what we find.
Quick Check
A basic bike inspection

Check cables

Check and adjust front and rear hubs

Check bottom bracket and headset bearings

Check and adjust brakes and gears

Wipe down frame

Lube chain

Standard Tune Up
A comprehensive bike service (recommended annual service)

Replace cables and housing

Adjust derailleurs

Lube drivetrain

True wheels

Re-torque all suspension pivots on mountain bikes

Detailed cleaning of bike and all components

Plus everything in the Quick Check

Major Tune Up
A complete overhaul of your bike

Complete disassembly of bike down to frame

Thorough cleaning and inspection of frame

Thorough washing of of drive train in industrial parts cleaner

Reassembly with new bearings and grease as needed

Plus everything included in Standard Tune Up